On track 4

Different youth work approaches for different NEET situations

    • “On Track 4 - Different youth work approaches for different NEET situations” conference is an international event about creating better opportunities for young people in NEET situation in society and on the labour market. It will gather 40 professionals from different sectors: youth work, education, social work, employment… working on topic of NEET.

      Twenty two countries will participate in this conference: Algeria, Belarus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and UK.

      The conference is organized and hosted by the Turkish National Agency for the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme in cooperation with the SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Resource Centre.

      Aim of the conference:
      To support collaboration and exchange between professionals from different sectors in order to create better opportunities for young people in a NEET situation and enable their active involvement in society and integration into the labour market.
      • To explore different NEET realities, as well as different types of practices or tools at all levels.
      • To exchange the variety of ways of working with young people in a NEET situation, particularly taking the consequences of a pandemic situation into consideration.
      • To share resources on working with young people in a NEET situation, such as the SALTO Inclusion and Diversity study “On Track”.
      • To promote the value of international youth work for young people in NEET situations and the possibilities of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps and upcoming programmes.

    • Task 1 - NEET Realities

      We would like to hear more about your and your organizations’ NEET realities and will be great if you can prepare a document that answer the following questions and send it back to musaaibu@gmail.com by December 03rd 2020 17:00 CET.

      The answers may also be visuals that give us the message clearly and NOT longer than 2-3 pages.

      1. How do you reach out to NEETs?
      2. What are NEETs’ needs,
      3. What do you do with NEETs (which sectors are involved, what kind of cross-sectoral cooperation?)
      4. What are obstacles and barriers while reaching/working with NEETs?
      5. What could be improved?
      6. How does your organization tackle this issue?

      Later, your documents will also be shared on the platform and available for all participants

      Task 2 - Online Group building

      Even though we are no longer able to come together physically for the conference we would like to have an online group building. You may access the group building tasks from this link.

    • You may access resources on NEET from documents menu or by clickinghere

    • The 4th edition of On Track conference used to be planned as a residential event supposed to happen in Istanbul. However due to the Covid19 pandemia we had to carry it to digital world as an online conference.

      Even though the conference will be held online we do our best to fulfill methodological principles of non-formal education mainly fostering active participation and specific space together with others as holistic approach and intercultural learning. Unfortunately commonly used Zoom or similar online meeting tools limits the active participation of the participants and turn out to be a one-sided event.

      Therefore we accepted the challenge and have been working hard to develop a dedicated online platform allowing active participation for all. There will be a joint platform engaging various different online tools at one space and you will be able to access everything from one place and follow the conference easily.

      Video conference rooms:
      Within the platform there will be a main conference room where we will meet as the whole group and several workshop rooms for small group work. You will be able to navigate within these rooms easily from the joint conference platform.
      You are all experienced on how much we use flipcharts, colored papers and different types of stationary within our non-formal educational activities allowing us to share as much as we can in the most creative way. This has been limited or even almost disappeared within online events, reducing the level of active participation remarkably. Therefore we have integrated an interactive canvas allowing all participants able to contribute their ideas on a common area just like a online flipchart.
      File management:
      The system allows us to upload and share documents; also integrates cloud services such as Google drive, Onedrive, Dropbox etc. for a easy use document sharing.
      Additional online tools:
      There are various online tools helping us to facilitate various tasks such as Padlet, Mentimeter, Survey monkey etc. The online conference platform will allow us to access all such tool from one single space.
      Distance learning:
      The platform also integrated with distant learning tools like Google Classroom, MS Teams, Moodle etc. allowing us to follow online educational activities besides the real time activities.
      How to use the platform?
      The platform designed to be user friendly as much as possible and you will be able to access all features from a single space. In order to introduce the platform and how to use it efficiently we will have an online informative session on:

      8th December 2020 at 09:10 (CET)
      Main Video Conference Room

    • # First Name Last Name Country of Residence Name of your organisation/institution or project.
      1 Abdelhak Kadari Algeria Youth for Volunteer we are like this
      2 Alena Dudkova Belarus EU4Youth Alumni Network
      3 Zvončica Kučanda Croatia Primary school Bratoljub Klaić
      4 Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ali Egypt Arab Union For Youth And Development (Youth NGO).
      5 Gregoire Dorville France Ligue de l'enseignement / Centre Paris Anim' Richet
      6 Mariana Santillan France Nemis
      7 Ekkehard Lippold Germany Steinbeis Innovation GmbH / Innovation Centre European Projects
      8 Anna Kovacs Hungary Federation of Children's and Youth Municipal Councils/IncluDO projecct
      9 Ornella Pegoraro Italy Istituto Istruzione Superiore "Pertini-Santoni"
      10 Marta Zeltina Latvia Creative Association for Youth TREPES
      11 Maija Ozolina Latvia Priekuļi municipality, Department Youth and Children's, Liepas parish, Liepa village, Youth center "Apelsīns"
      12 Ance Putnina Latvia Mazsalaca county municipality/ project "KNOW and DO"
      13 Daina Kanaska Latvia ESF Project Nr.
      14 Inga Kulikauskė Lithuania ESFA project "JUDAM"
      15 Gabriele Markunaite Lithuania Non-govermental organizationz
      17 Pascal Pascal Netherlands Speaker's Night Productions
      18 Riwaa Saleh Palestine ENABLE/ Belgian Development agency
      19 Ana Daniela Costa Portugal Àgueda Youth Center/ VOGUI
      21 Anna Gubina Russian Federation Social Technology Development Fund (FOROTEH)
      22 Goran Ostojic Serbia Culinary Institute "Know-how"
      23 Marija Jovanovic Serbia Organisation Center for Positive Youth Development
      24 Mari Carmen Barcos Spain Municipality of Almassera
      25 Daniel Gismera Casasola Spain Assicuation Las Niñas del Tul
      26 Uliana Dolgikh Switzerland ESN Switzerland
      27 Nazan Aydın Turkey Golden Orange Youth Club
      28 Doğa Sena BULUT Turkey Galatasaray Primary/Secondary School
      29 Utku CIL Turkey Zafer Development Agency
      30 Adem ŞAHİN Turkey Social Innovation and Systematical Development Association
      31 Fitnat TAVACI Turkey Nevşehir Youth Center
      32 Eyüp YILMAZ Turkey Hilal Necmiye Hüsnü Ataberk Ortaokulu
      33 Dursun Demir Turkey Middle Black Sea Development Agency
      34 Gizem Eryener Turkey Kızılhisar Vocational and Technical High School
      35 Enis Ata Işım Turkey Youthworks!
      36 Ezgi Seren Soydemir Turkey Arel youth center
      37 Polat Yalçın Turkey Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği
      38 Serkan Aba Turkey Leader Women Association
      39 Ilona Bulbakh Ukraine Social Democratic Platform
      40 Tamara Grubi Ukraine Institute of Human Sciences of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
      41 Nozmul Hussain United Kingdom Community Foundation
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      Dr. Cathy Street

      Dr Cathy Street has over 20 years of research in the field of young people's mental health, with particular interests in co-producing research with young people, improving transitional support as young people move from children's to adult mental health services and developing co-ordinated and integrated approaches to mental health care across voluntary and statutory services.

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      Kanika Sinha

      Kanika is a development professional with 17 years of experience primarily in the areas of inclusion and youth-centric development. She currently works as the Convener of ComMutiny - The Youth Collective, and is a member of the vartaLeap Coalition, which together form an ecosystem of over 200 youth engaging organisations, youth work practitioners and other stakeholders interested and engaged in youth-centric development.
      Over the years, Kanika has designed and facilitated inside out leadership journeys for young people and has mentored youth leaders and youth-led organisations. In her current role, one of her key responsibilities is to develop strategic partnerships to aggregate, accelerate and amplify empowering spaces that nurture wholesome and empathetic youth leadership.

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      Ian Goldring

      an – author of “On Track: Different Youth Work Approaches to Different NEET Situations” –has been studying and working on youth, inclusion and employment issues for more than 20 years, throughout the EU and further afield. He is based in Brussels, the director of ProjectWorks consultancy and also provides occasional advisory services to the European Commission.

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      Michele Di Paola

      Youth worker since the end of last century, and computer nerd since even before, Michele spent the last 10 years exploring different ways to combine non-formal education and digital environments, tools, and media. After completing SALTO ToT in 2015, he created with other colleagues the first training course on this specific topic, DIG-IT UP!, which had 4 editions so far. In February 2020 he facilitated the European conference #ExploringDigital in Wien, to define the digital dimension of youth workers’ competences. He is now active in several projects of digitalization of youth work tools, from Council of Europe’s Compass manual, to European Training Strategy competence models for trainers and youth workers, and currently preparing another training course, Citizenship Reloaded, about new opportunities and threats for citizenship in online environments.

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      Özgehan Şenyuva

      Özgehan Şenyuva is an Associate Professor in the International Relations Department at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, where he works mainly on youth, public opinion, Turkey-European relations and the politics of European football. He has extensive experience in research projects, and was the principal investigator for the FREE: Football Research in an Enlarged Europe (free-project.eu), a pioneer FP7 project that was completed in 2015. He was also part of the FP7 SAHWA project (Researching Arab Mediterranean Youth: Towards a New Social Contract) (sahwa.eu), publishing numerous policy papers, reports and articles on Arab-Mediterranean Youth.  He worked for more than two decades as a youth worker/trainer and comes from learning mobility field. He is a steering group member of European Platform on Learning Mobility and member of the Pool of European Youth Researchers of the European Commission and the Council of Europe. He has published numerous research and opinion articles, book chapters and a book on youth work and learning mobility.

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      Ritikaa Khunnah

      Ritikaa Khunnah has 20 years of experience of working with young people. She is currently the CEO of Pravah, a youth development organization in India. Pravah has been facilitating the development of a generation of empathetic, sensitive young change-makers in India through psycho-social interventions, helping them build more inclusive identities and societies. She is a mentor to youth leaders and youth-led organizations and continues to facilitate capacity building interventions with youth and adult facilitators. She also brings prior experience of working on gender issues. Her interests include people-centric development, travelling and spiritual well-being.

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      Marija Kljajic

      Marija is originally from Serbia, living and working in Belgium. Has 17 years of experience in working on youth empowerment, civil society capacity building, inclusion and diversity issues. Last ten years she has been working as Project Officer at the SALTO Inclusion & Diversity training, information and resource center set up by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme. SALTO is providing necessary support, knowledge and skills on building capacities for developing good quality international projects for young people with fewer opportunities in Europe and beyond. Over the years at SALTO, she has been involved in development and implementation of the several organisational and European strategies, like: the Commission’s Inclusion and Diversity Strategy of the Erasmus+, combating youth unemployment, reaching out to young people in a NEET situation and young people from disadvantaged (sub)urban areas.

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      Romina Matei

      Romina from Romania, actually living in Viena, Austria. She has been active in youth work at international level since 2007. Her expertise is connected with inclusion of less privileged young people and intercultural learning. Being at her third On Track conferences, she believes that this is a space where magic happens. From peer learning and support to motivational speeches and common projects, this conference has it all. But most importantly it gathers professionals that are willing to share and to learn to improve the lives of young people that are facing a NEET situation, and here is all the magic that needs to be.

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      Handan Boyar

      Handan Boyar works as Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) Department of Youth Work Unit of Turkish National Agency. She is responsible for planning, preparation, organisation, implementation and evaluation of hosting and sending training activities.  She is a member of  TCA Working Group of National Agencies and SALTO-Youth Resource Centres.

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      Musa Akgül

      UNICEF Consultant/Creator for Social Cohesion Programme for Youth and Adolescents, consultant at GIZ on capacity development and civic awareness programmes, consultant for UNHCR capacity and content development of Turkish teachers, senior trainer - Council of Europe – trainings on youth work, human rights education, youth participation, refugee rights, senior trainer working with several international institutions on social cohesion, human rights education, civic awareness, Senior trainer at SPARK (trainings of Turkish and Syrian Academics).Grassroots social worker, with extended experience work since 2001 having worked for different organizations, 17 years of experience in senior-level project implementation positions in education/training/social services context. Areas of expertise; Social cohesion, participation, Project and NGO Management.

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      Ufuk Atalay

      Grew up with 70s and 80s music made him to dreaming of a better world drove him to start youth work late 90s. Then poisoned by Council of Europe and took youth work field as professional career pathway. Not very well understood what he ‘s doing even by his own family and alienated frequently for out speaking quite loudly what he believes. Has particular expertise in youth participation, human rights education, youth policy development, social inclusion and diversity; lately focusing on technology based entrepreneurship and innovation with young people. Translated and drafted various publications in the field of youth and still working as an international trainer, consultant and a full time dreamer.

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      Vojislav Vujic

      Voja is Belgrade based youth work since 2006. He did activities on local, national, regional and European level. Thematic focus as a trainer: Inclusion, participation, intercultural learning, as well as European citizenship and values, Human rights and democracy. He worked with decision makers, young leaders, youth workers, activists and entrepreneurs. Also, he took part in ToT by National Democratic Institute in 2011, ToT for P2P education by GiZ in 2013 and ToTHRE by CoE (currently). Voja is passionate about online learning, tools and methods as they provide opportunities to more young people comparing to convention non-formal education.

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      SALTO Inclusion and Diversity Resource Centre

      The SALTO I&D provides resources (training tools, publications, information...) for persons and agencies supporting young people with fewer opportunities in international youth projects and provides opportunities for training, exchange and reflection on their inclusion & diversity practice.

      Phone: +32- (switchboard)
      inclusion@salto-youth.net - https://www.salto-youth.net/rc/inclusion/

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      Turkish National Agency

      To bring Erasmus+ as close as possible to the participants and make sure it works well across different countries, the EU works with National Agencies to manage the programme. The National Agencies are based in Programme Countries, one of which is Turkish National Agency established in 1st April 2004.
      National Agencies’ role involves
      • Providing information on Erasmus+
      • Selecting projects to be funded
      • Monitoring and evaluating Erasmus+
      • Supporting applicants and participants
      • Working with other National Agencies and the EU
      • Promoting Erasmus+
      • Sharing success stories and best practices

      Phone: +903124096000
      bilgi@ua.gov.tr - https://ua.gov.tr