On Track 5

A cross-sectoral conference on NEET issues and showcasing of good practices, with the emphasize on cooperation between youth work and other sectors (formal education, employment, social & business sector...)

THEME: Young People in a NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) situation

This cross-sectorial conference is about addressing NEET issues and showcasing good practices, with emphasis on partnership building and cooperation between youth work and other sectors (formal education, employment, social and business sector...). 

"On Track" is part of the SALTO Inclusion & Diversity (SALTO I&D) Resource Centre, as well as the Turkish National Agency (NA), a longer-term strategic approach to reach young people who are excluded from the system and see how we can reconnect them to society and improve their opportunities in life. It has become an annual gathering of the professionals working on NEET issues and it is supported by the NA Strategic Partnership on Inclusion NEET working group.

The SALTO ID research & publication on NEET issues "On track - Different youth work approaches for different NEET situations" has been published in 2015. 

Aim of the conference:

To support collaboration and exchange between professionals from different sectors in order to create better opportunities for young people in a NEET situation enabling their active involvement in society.


• To explore different NEET realities, as well as different types of practices, resources and tools.

• To exchange the variety of ways of working with young people in a NEET situation.

• To look into the existing and future trends & challenges and how those impact youth work with young people in a NEET situation.

• To provide opportunities for cooperation and networking to use the possibilities of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps for young people in NEET situations. 

Profile of participants:

80 professionals with experience working on the issue of vulnerable young people in NEET situations (face-to-face workers as well as managers/decision makers):

• Youth workers/youth leaders ( grassroots – involved in outreach youth work and directly working with young people in a NEET situation)

• Teachers, school support staff, alternative education staff, vocational programme staff

• Social workers, representatives of social services

• Local authorities/policy makers responsible for social provision

• Employers, apprenticeships programmes, employment agencies, job centres, job clubs, job coaches

• Researchers, academics with focus on NEET

• Other sector professionals directly working with young people: health, justice, sports, police, education, trade unions, welfare

Conference Dates:

7th December 2021 (arrival) - 11th December 2021 (Departure)


İstanbul Turkey 

Arrival & Departure info

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Pulman Istanbul Hotel and Convention Centre 


Phone : +90 212 411 10 00
Phone +90 212 411 10 00 - FAX: +90 212 592 58 68
Email: info@pullmanistanbul.com
Website: www.pullmanistanbul.com

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Mustafa ŞENGÜN : 0090  506 175 5469

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The Covid19 pandemia has been influencing everything around the globe for the last two years, which has been the case for youth work as well. Due to the pandemic limitations the On Track 4 Conference in 2020 was held online.

However, it is obvious that we all need to adjust to new normals and learn how to live and operate with this reality. With the launching of various Covid19 vaccines its now possible to travel. 

In this respect the On Track 5 conference is decided to be organized residentially in Istabul. 

Since its the core element of youth work, the conference methodology will be mainly based on non-formal education with some adaptations in line with the pandemic limitations. 

As the nature of any conference there will be various experts as guest speakers/panelists as well as young people sharing their own experiences on NEET issues, which will be enriched by discussion groups and other exercises fostering  the learning and competence development of the participants. 

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Marija Kljajic

Marija is originally from Serbia, living and working in Belgium. Has 17 years of experience in working on youth empowerment, civil society capacity building, inclusion and diversity issues. Last ten years she has been working as Project Officer at the SALTO Inclusion & Diversity training, information and resource center set up by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme. SALTO is providing necessary support, knowledge and skills on building capacities for developing good quality international projects for young people with fewer opportunities in Europe and beyond. Over the years at SALTO, she has been involved in development and implementation of the several organisational and European strategies, like: the Commission’s Inclusion and Diversity Strategy of the Erasmus+, combating youth unemployment, reaching out to young people in a NEET situation and young people from disadvantaged (sub)urban areas.

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Romina Matei

Romina from Romania, actually living in Viena, Austria. She has been active in youth work at international level since 2007. Her expertise is connected with inclusion of less privileged young people and intercultural learning. Being at her third On Track conferences, she believes that this is a space where magic happens. From peer learning and support to motivational speeches and common projects, this conference has it all. But most importantly it gathers professionals that are willing to share and to learn to improve the lives of young people that are facing a NEET situation, and here is all the magic that needs to be.

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Handan Boyar

Handan Boyar works as Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) Department of Youth Work Unit of Turkish National Agency. She is responsible for planning, preparation, organisation, implementation and evaluation of hosting and sending training activities. She is a member of TCA Working Group of National Agencies and SALTO-Youth Resource Centres.

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Musa Akgül

UNICEF Consultant/Creator for Social Cohesion Programme for Youth and Adolescents, consultant at GIZ on capacity development and civic awareness programmes, consultant for UNHCR capacity and content development of Turkish teachers, senior trainer - Council of Europe – trainings on youth work, human rights education, youth participation, refugee rights, senior trainer working with several international institutions on social cohesion, human rights education, civic awareness, Senior trainer at SPARK (trainings of Turkish and Syrian Academics).Grassroots social worker, with extended experience work since 2001 having worked for different organizations, 17 years of experience in senior-level project implementation positions in education/training/social services context. Areas of expertise; Social cohesion, participation, Project and NGO Management.

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Ufuk Atalay

Grew up with 70s and 80s music made him to dreaming of a better world drove him to start youth work late 90s. Then poisoned by Council of Europe and took youth work field as professional career pathway. Not very well understood what he ‘s doing even by his own family and alienated frequently for out speaking quite loudly what he believes. Has particular expertise in youth participation, human rights education, youth policy development, social inclusion and diversity; lately focusing on technology based entrepreneurship and innovation with young people. Translated and drafted various publications in the field of youth and still working as an international trainer, consultant and a full time dreamer.

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Vojislav Vujic

Voja is Belgrade based youth work since 2006. He did activities on local, national, regional and European level. Thematic focus as a trainer: Inclusion, participation, intercultural learning, as well as European citizenship and values, Human rights and democracy. He worked with decision makers, young leaders, youth workers, activists and entrepreneurs. Also, he took part in ToT by National Democratic Institute in 2011, ToT for P2P education by GiZ in 2013 and ToTHRE by CoE (currently). Voja is passionate about online learning, tools and methods as they provide opportunities to more young people comparing to convention non-formal education.